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Customer Service at the Core

Let me ask you, can a company survive without good customer service?

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Let me ask you, can a company survive without good customer service?

It seems these days, everyone is wondering how to get on Facebook and Twitter, but forgetting how to pick up a phone and say thank you. I believe that by ignoring these very basic tenants, our companies are committing a huge disservice to clients who are there to help us succeed. So let’s just go backwards a little in order to move forward. Let’s start by making promises.

When my father founded USPack Courier, he was only six years in this Country, landing a major client soon after despite his language barrier. That client saw in him his promises, and my father never let him down.

Working at the company in the summers, and now as Vice President, I realize more than ever how key customer service is to business and I’d like to share those key tips with you.

  • Respect your client: Remember, your business is a small piece of the puzzle in their lives. We at USPack must treat every delivery as if we are the ones expecting the service. In those rare instances when something does inevitably go wrong, we are open and honest with the client and contact them immediately. The flat tire excuse works once and only once.
  • Organization: Make sure everyone on staff is prepared to provide top-notch quality service to clients when clients call, arrive to the office, email or after an exchange has been placed. Each person in your company represents your company, and they each should know how to handle communicating and delivering to clients’ needs.
  • Leadership: There should be a leader designated in your company that can manage the quality of your customer service, preparing staff with different scenarios that may take place, as well as always pushing the boundary to better and better service. If all a company is known for is their excellent customer service, that may be the best marketing trick there is. It never hurts to go above and beyond.

Our business here at USPack Courier places each and every driver and staff member on equal playing field. When there was a critical medical delivery with a deadline none of our drivers could meet, our CEO got into the truck at 1 am, picked up the materials and delivered to its destination within the hour. This has set the example for us, that no matter who we are in the company, we are here for the client.

We know 100 percent that without good customer service, we might not be here today. We hope, especially for startups, that companies will understand its back to basics when formulating a long-term, successful clientele model.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, visit us or follow us on twitter @USPack.