Balancing the Sales Push and Your Personality

compareSo many businesses make the mistake of joining social media sites, creating blogs or send spam to your emails to try and shove their products down your throat. Most of us don’t like this and it can actually totally turn you off to even thinking about looking at that persons company.

When you engage with others whether it’s by social networking, events, blogs etc. you need to have a balance of what you say about your business and letting others see your personality. What I mean is when you update your status on social networks don’t say “This is the #1 leading, blah, blah in the industry and you should try out my product…” Most will click “unfollow.” Social media is about being social and communicating with others.

Find others in your field or those that you admire and can learn from, chat with them and let them know who you are and what you do but gently. If it comes up great, if it doesn’t then definitely don’t pull out the sales pitch card. People want to see the person behind the company or brand. Many might connect with you because of that even though they have no idea what you do or sell but just because they were drawn to what you said or how you act.

Balance is key. When I say personal I don’t mean that you tell them what you had to eat at every meal, where you went that day, about your relationship status etc. because one, most don’t care and second, it’s just not cool. Keep your “personal life” out of it. When sharing your personality with others you can simply just be yourself and chat with others. Let them know that you like what they do or you’re interested to learn more about them. And yes, you want to promote yourself but where it doesn’t come across like you are a spammer. Make it interesting and fun where people want to click and find out more about you or your company.

It’s simple. Let others know who you are by being who you truly are and occasionally drop the note about what you do in the conversation. Balance is key so stick to it.