Tips For Being an Effective Manager

handAn effective manager is one who is always looking for ways to improve both herself and her team. A bad one is one who is both incompetent and stubborn. This person doesn’t think she needs to learn or change anything. The following are both pros and cons to help you become an effective manager:

  • Always be honest and ethical. Do not bend the rules for one employee and be rigid with another. Make sure they understand what is expected of them and handle all employees equally. You don’t want to lose the respect of your team.
  • Micromanaging is a no-no. If you have assigned a task, leave your people alone to get it done. That is what they were hired for!
  • Make sure your team understands the tasks given them, the time-frame it must be completed in, and then give them the authority to get the job done. This doesn’t mean that you don’t observe progress and evaluate performance. But most people have their own way of doing things. When you hired them, you were convinced that they knew their job. Now let them prove it.
  • Never criticize or shout at an employee publicly. Don’t get nasty or mean during meetings. Take notes and deal with these individuals privately, in your office, with no audience.
  • Do not be afraid to let your team excel at their jobs. You were promoted to manager because you had the skills to fill the position. Having a great team will only make you look better!

Now that you are in a management position, you also need to be effective in working with higher management. You have bosses, too! So here are a few tips for dealing with YOUR boss:

  • Does your boss prefer phone conversations, emails, office memos, business lunches, or formal reports from you regarding progress and problems in your department? Find out.
  • Try not to be emotional when reporting difficulties. Be object, informative, and concise.
  • Do not bring problems to your boss that should be under your jurisdiction.
  • Don’t spend so much time trying to make your boss happy that your employees are ready to mutiny. Keeping your department functioning smoothly is your number one job.
  • Credibility is heard to restore once it has been destroyed. Deal in total honesty with both your boss and your employees.