The Do’s & Dont’s for Using Twitter and LinkedIn Together

LinkedIn and Twitter recently announced that users who have profiles on both social networks will now have the option of pushing LinkedIn status updates out to a Twitter account or pulling tweets into a professional profile.

I read an informative article today on PCWorld by Ian Paul about the do’s and don’ts of integrating these two powerful social networks with one another that I wanted to share. It is important for mom entrepreneurs to understand the pros and cons about setting this up before moving forward.

You have three options for integrating LinkedIn with Twitter:

  1. you can rebroadcast your LinkedIn status updates to Twitter,
  2. turn your tweets into your LinkedIn status,
  3. or both.

To start integrating your tweets, you need to edit your LinkedIn settings by adding Twitter from your profile page or by clicking the Twitter icon next to your status on the homepage. Twitter integration will be rolled out to all LinkedIn users over the next few days, so you may not see the new feature right away.

Do’s and Don’ts are summarized below:

  • DO broadcast your LinkedIn status to Twitter.
  • DO link multiple Twitter accounts to your LinkedIn profile.
  • DON’T send all your tweets to LinkedIn.
  • DON’T display your Twitter account on LinkedIn.
  • DON’T forget about LinkedIn.

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