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Reprogramming Yourself For Success

There is more and more proof that what you think and believe will come true. Even in the 1960’s proof was there in the famous “Psycho-Cybernetics” book …


There is more and more proof that what you think and believe will come true. Even in the 1960’s proof was there in the famous “Psycho-Cybernetics” book written by Maxwell Maltz in which Maxwell provided numerous examples of people thinking themselves into unhappiness. Currently we have “The Secret” which is a referrers marketing dream and is a glossy re-hash of Maxwells principles which is “you are what you think”.

As a business owner its vital you keep a positive mind because your future success relies on a positive mind. Below are some helpful tips to keeping a positive frame of mind.

Make a Conscious Decision to Change Behaviour

To be a success business owner you need to discard limiting beliefs and actions and make a conscious decision to change your behaviour. Remember the choice is yours as to whether you succeed. “You are what you think”.


If you are prone to think negative thoughts try and repeat positive affirmations so you can re-programme your brain into successful behaviour. You may have picked up the negative outlook on life from parents or people that were very influential in younger years so you need to rewire your brain to have positive thoughts. The first thing to do is be aware that you are actually thinking more negative thoughts than good. Once you are aware you will be able to catch yourself in the act and instead think of something positive.


Mediation is the gateway to your subconscious brain If used successfully it can help overcome self-defeating behaviours therefore reducing stress, tension, anxiety etc and to increase self-understanding and acceptance.
To achieve mediation this involves focusing on a word, phrase, object or even your breath. Mediation doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be achieved in 5 to 10 minutes a day.


Visualisation has helped many people achieve their goals. The theory is that visualisation helps stimulate both sides of the brain, not just one. Some people keep diaries of their dreams to remind them of their goals. This tool can be used to visualise the object or lifestyles you desire.


It is worth reflecting on what you have done that had a positive outcome and what had a negative one. It is important not to fret about this, but to become aware of where the success came from and focus in that direction. While walking home from work each day I look back at what positive things I achieved during that day and pat myself on the back.

Get Help

If you cannot move forward then it is important to get help. Firstly you need to find out what is holding you back and then decide what help you require.

If it is personal or mental disorder then you may need to get professional help. You will need to see someone who has specific training.

The other option is a coach or mentor who will help you set your goals and keep you on track.

Ditch your Old Friends

The old saying success breeds success is true. It is important to break away from negative people and meet more like-minded souls. To achieve this you could attend seminars, listen to motivational cds, do visualisation and affirmation actions.

There are people who are going to survive at present and other people who will thrive. To thrive you will need to programme your brain to win.

If you get stuck in the depression of the recession then you will miss out on all the bargains of the century that are around today.

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