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More Tips for Balancing the Supermom Act – part 2

This week, Lucinda offers us more tips for balancing the Supermom Act.

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This week, Lucinda offers us more tips for balancing the Supermom Act.

  1. Get–and stay–organized: There are so many tools and gadgets that are useful for us as moms to make business at home run a lot smoother. Here are some tools that I use that I know you can enjoy and add to your Get-and stay-organized list.
    • – Helps you to get things done and stay organized. It’s easy to use and most of all free. The free version does everything you need.
    • A habit list – Your habit list keeps your action list from becoming overwhelmed by the every-day things and helps you to separate your to do list as well.
    • Remember the Milk – Handles lists and tasks very well, including repetitive tasks. It has a plug-in for Google Calendar for one-stop organizing.
    • Google Calendar – Along with Gmail and Google Reader, this application allows you to keep your life easily organized, intuitively, with no hassle and share your calendar with your network or team.
    • Backpack – Great list-maker, perfect for to-do lists and other types of lists. Backpack can be accessed from anywhere: home, work, Mac, PC, mobile.
    • The trash bag – Clean this bad boy out on a regular basis – not the actual trash but many of us use our desk space as a trash can. Please reduce this bad habit by tossing anything that’s not absolutely needed and you won’t have a need to organize. Free yourself!
    • Don’t forget me when you leave rack – It’s for unloading your stuff as you come in, so it stays organized, and so you don’t forget it as you leave the house. You can personalize the rack and include the kids section or partner section that will hold things that you don’t want to forget such as mail, keys, sunglasses, cell phones, library books and more.
  2. Delegate: You do not need to do everything yourself. Identify activities that only you can do effectively, and those that could be done by someone else. What are you spending most of your time doing. Are you putting out fires all day or coming up with creative ideas that can generate cash flow? You also want to examine whether you are using technology effectively to reduce the time you spend on low value tasks.
  3. Schedule a mommy day: This is also known as a “Take Your Mom to Play Day” this is not considered me time, this is just time that your child or kids schedule a day that they want to hang with you by themselves. Therefore, since I have two kids, my daughter chose Friday nights to do something together and my son chose Wednesday for me to watch wrestling with him. This not only helps me unwind but I get to know each of my kids likes and dislikes without them battling each other for attention. It works and it keeps them busy.

Stay tuned for more tips on Balancing the Supermom Act next week and for details on a great giveaway from Lucinda at Corporate Mom Dropouts.

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