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Why Create a Facebook Page For Your Business

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Did you know a Facebook business page is free? 200 million users have created their business page therefore, if you haven’t got one yet, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to set it up quickly.

Maybe you’re not yet a Facebook user, if this is you, you’re not alone but almost as there are nearly 3 billion active Facebook users. Do you believe your customers are Facebook users? To successfully market to your customers, your business needs to be visible and engaged in the same environment. You can get started with a Facebook page for business.

Maybe you set up a user account some time ago and haven’t logged in for a while. First, check if you do have a Facebook profile and if you can reset the password.


Security should be your first action especially if you’re reactivating dormant user profiles and you’re using your devices from your home network.

Always use strong passwords and change them regularly. Do social media sites get hacked? Yes, and personal data were stolen too. The last major hack on Facebook was in 2021, when data was stolen from 533 million users – now that’s a lot of people. More than nearly country – except for China and India!

Start off as you mean to carry on. Once you’ve sorted out your security practices and created a user profile, it’s time to get one set up for your business.

Business Information

You will need to know the following information about your business before you can set up its Facebook profile:

  • Category – Choose a category that is a close match to the industry of your business
  • Information – website address, email address, phone number, location if it’s not global, images and stories


Also helpful is knowing in advance what you want to achieve from your Facebook Business Profile. Do you want to just share insights and promotional content? Or build up followers and also do some social media marketing to get found by a wider audience? Maybe you want to converse and engage with Facebook users daily?


When you know what you want to achieve, you can add measurement and view analytics provided by Facebook and your Google Analytics account. It’s encouraging to see that Facebook is driving traffic to your website!

Setting Up A Facebook Business Profile

Now you know why it’s essential to have a Facebook business profile, and what information you need, it’s time to set it up. Who better to let you know how to set up your business profile than Facebook? With many user interfaces and other software revisions, the steps to getting set up and managing your business profile may change. Therefore for the regularly updated steps to getting your Facebook business profile online use Facebook help to guide you through the steps.

Once your business profile is online, the real work commences. An inactive social media page may be more damaging for your business than not having a social media presence. Why? We all do online searches on businesses, and we lean towards the social media sites we’re active on to:

  • Verify the company exists
  • Find out what the business is good at
  • Get feedback from customers
  • What content is available
  • Engagement – how active and responsive is the business?

Managing Your Facebook Business Page

Make sure you have a content plan within your social media marketing strategy. The content you can share should include images, short clip videos, explainer videos, blog post extracts and more. Always add a link to your website or site where your customers can purchase your offerings and, after the sale, a link to share their experiences of the sales and delivery process with your followers.


To grow your Facebook business profile followers, collaborate with other businesses and leverage your other social media accounts. For example, if your business is on Instagram use Instagram collabs to share your new Facebook business profile.
Plus, did you know you can share content to your Instagram and Facebook profiles simultaneously? You can, and it’s another way of staying relevant and growing your following on two social media networks.


There’s no shame in not yet having a Facebook business page, but the time is right to get one set up. With nearly 3 billion users, your customers are among them, and so should your business.

When you do get your Facebook business page set up, make sure you have the budget, staff and content to keep your customers engaged and part of your new online community.