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How To Boost Your Creativity

It’s a myth that only certain people are creative or that you have to act in a particular way or dress as ‘creative types’ do.

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It’s a myth that only certain people are creative or that you have to act in a particular way or dress as ‘creative types’ do. Everyone is creative, you have to be to get on in business, or life for that matter. But there are some things that can help each of us boost our creativity and improve the quality of our ideas. It just might make the difference between doing a good job for your client and doing a GREAT job so that they want to tell everyone they know about it. In this article, we share tips on how to get the most of your creative moments.

Let it happen

Just letting it happen ounds odd but it’s true. You may have been thinking about how to solve a particular problem for some time but give yourself a little time to think again about it and chances are that something will come up. Letting your subconscious work and this happens when you’re asleep. So when you hear ‘sleep on it’, do it, as everything is clearer after a great night’s sleep.

Carry a notebook or add a note in your smartphone

Even if you are used to smartphones and other gadgetry nothing beats a small notebook for jotting down things that spark your interest or you think might be useful. You don’t have to keep it on your bedside table but how often do you wake up in the morning and say now what was it I was thinking about when I woke up in the middle of the night?. In saying this, many of us can not go anywhere without our phone so in the absence of a notebook add your thoughts to your notes app on your phone.

Do something different each day

Sometimes it’s a challenge to change your routine so you do something different every day but the action does change your mindset for the better. The smallest tweak to your routine like changing your route to work or eating something different for lunch. If you do the same things each day you are losing out on the opportunity to experience things that are new to you and which can spark off new thoughts.

Read or watch something different

Try reading articles or magazines which you wouldn’t normally consider interesting. It’s amazing how many novel ideas come about through looking at something unrelated to what you are used to and having that eureka moment and applying what you see from one area to another.

Mix with different people

Spend some time with people you’re not overly familiar with and they don’t have to be wacky way-out types. They will inspire you to think differently and that’s what you need to be creative. Networking at events is sure to offer you new insights but be sure you don’t just go to the same events that are full of the same industry types or are full of people from your own business.

Look at nature

Nature is everything outdoors so when you spend time in nature it doesn’t matter what you look at whether it’s the way an insect walks or a bird flies. When you look closely at the natural world and think about how what you see relates to your business issue you will be surprised at just how creative your thinking can get.

Just try something different

To be creative doesn’t mean changing everything wholesale and in a flamboyant manner. Being creative is about doing things in a slightly different way that enables you to be more effective in your business. If you think you need to change something then do it and see how it goes – you can always change it again if you really need to.