Great Customer Service Impacts Small Business Performance

meetingSmall businesses may have limited budgets but there is one area they can compete head to head with big companies. The secret: Customer service.

According to a survey, 35% of large organizations do not respond to e-mails sent by their customers. This is where small businesses can outshine their larger counterparts! Less in size does not mean limited capabilities.

As a major front-liner, the customer service should be able to achieve the following for the business it supports:

Quick turnaround. If you can promptly get back to the customer, say within 24 hours, you are well on your way to winning the customer’s seal of approval. They should know that the request has been attended to by a live person, not by an automatic mail responder.

Trustworthiness. They bought a product or service from you before. Let them know you can are consistent through and through.

Flexibility. Customer service can assure that complaints are dealt with accordingly and will be addressed with favorable outcome. For example, customers can easily return a defective product that can be replaced without hassles.

Authenticity. Every call center representative can provide customers with the real physical address, surrounding landmarks, and exact location of the business. A web site is one step to establishing credibility, the physical address is two steps forward.

Real-time interaction. Customers like to call any business and speak to a live person. Think of the advantage you can make if you have customer service during and even after office hours. Outsourcing your customer service can help your business set up your customer hotline.

Regardless of your company’s size, customer service remains a major differentiator that levels the playing field. The way customers and their issues are being managed makes all the difference. The attitude towards them is all that matters.