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Enjoy What You Do And It Shows

How often are you faced with a sales assistant or someone on the phone who patently has no interest in you or what you might want to buy?

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How often are you faced with a sales assistant or someone on the phone who patently has no interest in you or what you might want to buy? The answer to this is probably too often. Such a lack of interest or indifference can come about at any time but chances are that the person concerned is simply ‘doing their job’, in their eyes anyway and is looking forward to something else ‘after work’. They don’t enjoy any aspect of their work at all – in fact they probably don’t think much of the pay either.

Without getting into any deep, or not so deep really psychology, there are two very important lessons for business owners in this. One, if you are like this person in the business you own and run how do you think you come across to customers, suppliers, financiers and any of the other people and businesses you come into contact with. Two, what if your employees or other representatives are like this.

What Do You Enjoy?

It’s an old saying but people really do buy from other people and if you don’t enjoy the key aspects of your business then it will start to show after some time. Now, no-one enjoys each and every aspect of owning and running a business so it’s only right that you ‘sub-contract’ the bits you simply don’t enjoy to those who can do it for you and do it right first time. In deciding to not do the bits you don’t like you have made a huge step forward in that you can free your mind to concentrate even more on the parts of the business you really enjoy. This simple sub-contracting decision acts as a boost to your energy that will show in more ways than one. After all, Richard Branson doesn’t bother himself with internal accounts at Virgin, he concentrates on ensuring his company operates in the way he wants it to, the accounting aspects are just something that have to happen.

By concentrating on what you enjoy and ditching the rest you will be able to spend more time on perfecting that part of the business by meeting more with customers and gaining their feedback on your offering. The more feedback you get the more you are able to develop and enhance what you do – time that you wouldn’t have if you had to cover each and every aspect of the business – very much a positive double whammy! It shouldn’t be too hard to believe either but the fact that when you deal with people on a subject that is so close to your heart you will come across as energetic, proactive and interested, all positive characteristics and people will naturally want to engage with you more and more.

Do Your Employees Enjoy What They Do?

So what if your employees don’t enjoy what they are doing. Well, you have to be realistic here. Not everyone who goes to work (for someone else) has to really enjoy what it is they do in the same way as the business owner. If they do, then you are certainly on to a winner. Providing they are doing a professional job then that is all you can expect of them – but remember that a ‘professional job’ very much involves taking an interest in customers when you serve them. Selecting the right employees who truly get what it is your business is about is key when companies are starting to grow but what is probably just as important is getting employees who don’t give out negative vibes in all their interactions with others.

Sub-contracting what you don’t enjoy to concentrate more of your blood sweat and tears on what you enjoy will improve you chances of success not only monetarily but personally too. No-one really wants to spend maybe 50% of their time on non-enjoyable activities do they? After all, you probably started off your business in the first place because you wanted to do more of what you enjoyed and were good at.