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6 Important Tips for Converting Prospects Into Customers

Once you have figured out how to gather a bunch of prospects, you then need to catch them and make them want to buy what you are offering.

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Once you have figured out how to gather a bunch of prospects, you then need to catch them and make them want to buy what you are offering. You need to strategize from the beginning, and come up with the gimmick you need to succeed in selling your product or service. So here are a few tips for converting prospects into customers:

  • Don’t try a hard sell – People are too wise today to be pressured into buying anything. Television, newspapers and the web have made information too easy to access, so don’t try it. What with job insecurity and the fluctuating economy, you are going to have to use patience and reason.
  • Put your customer’s needs before your goals – Offer them affordable solutions to their problems. Explain how your product (or your service) is going to make it easier for them in the long run. Provide newsletters or free product guides to help substantiate your claims.
  • Make quality information, free demonstrations, or free samples of your product available to potential customers – This can be something they can conveniently download onto their computer, such as how-to ebooks, testimonials, or a place to order free samples. But you can also provide them at your store. Make sure you get a name and address, or at very least a first name and email address before you give them the goods. It can be used for further advertising.
  • Offer a solid guarantee – If the guarantee you offer is twice as long, covers more than your competitors do, or extends the original warranty, people will feel safe purchasing your product or services. Offering all money back, or even double money back, is bound to be a clincher. That should tip your prospect into a confident customer!
  • More time should be spent on benefits than on features – You would be surprised at how many buyers are no longer impressed by the bells and whistles. Money is too hard to come by these days. They want to know how spending this money is going to benefit them, their home, their business, or their family. They are considering this product because they have a need or a problem that needs attention.
  • If the sale isn’t made, remember why – Did you not have the feature he needed for his particular problem? Look for ways you can fill that need. When it becomes available, contact this prospect and tell him about it. Even if he has already found the product somewhere else, he will remember that you cared enough to try to help him. He will come back.
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