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5 tips to improve your life (Part 3)

5 tips to improve your life. Part 3 of a series aimed at providing tips for better living. Tip 1: Set your watch five minutes early. If you have trouble getting to meetings on time then I recommend this tip.

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Set your watch five minutes early

If you have trouble getting to meetings on time then I recommend this tip. 5 minutes may seem a little amount but it does provide a good time buffer.

If five minutes is still not enough time then set your watch back 10 minutes. You may even find that you are always the first one to arrive which can give people a good perception of you as a person who is keen, committed and organized.

Avoid making instant promises you know you will not honor

I use to be a “yes” man and it caused no end of issues for my team and me. If someone asks you for a commitment try and postpone a reply for a minimum of 60 minutes. This will give your mind enough time to calculate the impact to making the commitment.

It’s a bit harder when you are face-to-face but you can say you need to check with your PA or team first or use another stalling tactic. The key point is not to instantly accept a commitment you may not honor.

Always be well groomed

Many people believe that what appears on the outside is a mirror to what is happening on the inside. If you present yourself in a scruffy manner then most people will assume that your business is scruffy. Make sure your clothes and grooming represent your professionalism.

Turn off email alerts

“You have new mail” alerts are a major distraction and no matter how hard you try your eyes will be diverted to the email alert pop-ups every time. Turn off all visual and sound email alerts so you can concentrate on the task at hand. Set a routine where you check your email every 30 minutes or after a major task has been completed.


I have found meditation to be fundamental in reducing stress levels and increasing the focus on my goals. Being able to have 30 to 60 minutes every couple of days to meditate is a luxury few people can indulge in but I thoroughly recommend you find the time. Meditation is not only good for the mind but great for the body. Meditation also allows for a deeper level of visualization (seeing yourself where you want to be).

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