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10 Tips for Improving Your Marketing

10 tips for improving your marketing efforts. Great tips that every business owner should look at.


1. Become known as an Expert

These days buyers search online as part of their research to buy something. If you write articles/blog posts around your expertise then that content ends up in search results. People read your articles and posts and can determine that you are an expert in your field – which provides far more creditability than an ad banner. Also publish your articles to online business hubs such as, which can distribute your articles to focused business networks on the Internet.

2. Check out your Competitors

Research what your competitors are charging and providing. Keep up to date with what offers, guarantees, prices or fees you are up against, then target your marketing to offer a more attractive deal to your clients. However don’t become so obsessed with them that you lose track of why you are different.

3. Take Advantage of your Influencers

Build a network of customers that have influence. Remember it is the people within your network that makes the difference not the size of the network. Encourage these influencers to promote your business within their own networks in exchange for some extra service.

4. Use Email Marketing

Instead of just using traditional marketing, consider using email marketing as well. It is extremely cost effective and the most powerful marketing tool available for small businesses. You can obtain clients directly from your website with a simple “subscribe to our newsletter” link. This is also a good way to promote your business as you may find that people forward your email to their friends therefore increasing your visibility. AWeber is recommended by to manage your email marketing.

5. Take your Website Seriously

Most buyers will visit your website before deciding to contact you. Ask a bunch of your customers and prospects to provide feedback about what messages your site conveys. You maybe surprised by the comments! Read “Tips for Engaging a Contractor to Build Your Web Site” here for great tips.

6. Honour your Promises

Whatever promise you make in your marketing, remember that you have to honour them. Keep in mind the old saying “if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is”.

7. Promotional Rewards

Immediately after a client has made a purchase from you, reward that client with a promotional offer, for example thank them for their purchase and offer a 10% discount brochure to use with their next purchase (remember to put an expiry date for this promotion).

8. Expand your Marketing Plan

It is a good idea to get feedback from a friend who isn’t connected with your business and do some “brain-storming”. Get your friend to put themselves in your customers shoes and try and find new ways to market and promote your business, it’s a great way to get fresh ideas.

9. Look at ways to Up-Sell to Existing Clients

Look at how you can up-sell to your existing client base as it is always far cheaper on your business to up-sell to existing clients then attract new ones.

10. Marketing is NOT for graduates

Its your business and you have spent years building it up – don’t ruin it all by delegating it to a staff member who is unqualified or inexperienced to save a few pennies. Read more about that here

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