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Problem in business

Does Your Business Really Need Insurance?

One piece of advice Sir Richard Branson offers entrepreneurs is to protect their downside. In an article in Entrepreneur he said, “Always protect the downside. I think it should be a guideline for every entrepreneur — or anyone involved in business ventures.”

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Why I don’t like the word Entrepreneur

Whats worse is that some people self-brand themselves as entrepreneurs just because they left employee status. Some people, like myself, who run successful businesses for years never use the term entrepreneur when asked what they are.

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Two seriously BRILLIANT ways to get your first client

I have already mentioned these two brilliant ideas on how to secure your first client(s) in my post “How do I leave my day job? The Pre-flight Checklist” but I thought they should also be within their own post for people who have already left their day job but needed some ideas for attracting clients.

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I have Proof that the Matrix Exists!

They all run through the same process of getting up early, fighting the crowds to get to work on time, work 8 hours in a job they hate for a boss they hate, fight the constant life-sapping boredom of their job, fight to get home, eat, sleep and repeat. Their minds filled with the constant […]

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