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Is cashflow a constant struggle?

Good cashflow is critical to the success of any business, yet for many small to medium NZ businesses this is a constant struggle. One of the key issues affecting cashflow is the ability of your business to make good, sustainable sales. A few years ago many businesses were facing a downturn in sales … leaving them struggling to keep good cashflow levels.

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Keep it SMART, Keep it Simple

How smart planning can help you avoid the rush for results. When a client with an ecommerce site rocks up to me and goes “Hey Lee, I need 10,000 new leads from my website!” I say ok that’s great, I think I can help. And thus a conversation begins, twisting and turning, dipping in and out of reality, from the past to the future and back again, finally landing on today

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What’s So Private About the Private Cloud?

If you’re considering jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon but have some security concerns, consider the adoption of a private cloud. A private cloud is cloud architecture that can exist within the confines of a company’s firewall and is entirely under the control of the company’s own IT department.

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Building Better Business Relationships

As business people we are all working to increase our share of the market. But, having the best products at the best prices may not be enough. To build a successful business you have to build relationships – relationships with your peers and colleagues, with your customers and clients, with your suppliers and distributors, with your employees and co-workers, with your support services, with your board of directors, and even with your competitors.

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