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How to get your brand seen by over 100,000 readers for FREE

We receive a number of emails each week with people enquiring how they can get their posts on BusinessBlogsHub.com and viewed by our email subscribers, RSS subscribers and social network communities on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter which totals around 100,000 readers currently.

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Is the SEO Sector Full of Scammers?

How this works is that these scammers have software that locates domains and automatically sends the contact email address of the domain an email much like the example below. They get an email address through scanning your websites content such as the contact us page.

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Traditional Branding Isn’t for Small Business

As we start out, we take cues from Giant Corporation, Inc. that we should develop cool logos, fancy brochures, zippy websites, and catchy copy. But this is a waste of time and money for a lot of small businesses and a huge misdirection of focus. There is a better way for most of us.

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Strong Branding Stands the Test of Time

A strong brand should never become obsolete. Branding and marketing alike require a thought out process that allows for accountability and excellence to drive the brand forward. Before discussing the power of a well-developed brand, it is important to define what is not a brand. An established brand is not a fad or a trend, but rather remains timeless and relevant. In recent years, the ‘live strong’ yellow bracelets worn by cyclist Lance Armstrong have become quite a popular item.

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