What business are you really in

There is a huge difference between the products and services you sell and the business….that you are really in.

People only come to you for one of three reasons:

  1. Because they have a perceived need for what you do.
    They have a perceived need – Now – what’s the key word here? Perceived – you see –
    They think they need what you have.
  2. They have an unfulfilled desire.
    They want something and it hasn’t been satisfied it hasn’t been fulfilled.
    They have an unfulfilled desire.
  3. They have an unsolved problem…in their life…or their business.

One of the businesses I work with is an earthmoving company….Their job is to help farmers with drainage, reclaim land from swamp areas, trenching, site levelling and developing, excavation…

Now they used to think, that they were in the earth moving business.

They used to think that. Because that’s the product and the service they sell.

Now having heard a little bit of the story, what business do you think they might be really in?

I’d say they were in the business of maximising productivity….

Because of their knowledge and their expertise of what they do…they are able to turn dead land back into profitable pasture. So they are actually in the business of maximising productivity and profitability

That’s the business they’re in.

Now do you think that mind set shift might have changed the way they promoted themselves?

Do you think it probably changed the way they presented themselves to their customers?

Is the business owner going to complain about the difference between $120 an hour for them and $95 an hour for someone else – when they can get their land more productive?

It dramatically changed their thinking.

It’s changed the way they advertise, it’s changed the way they market, it’s changed the way they promote, it’s changed the way they write their proposals.

What is the difference?

Between the products you sell ….and the business that you are really in?

Distance yourself from your product and your service.

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